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Universal Software has experience of delivering high-performance windows and web applications, even for complex functionalities with a visually rich interface and stringent quality.


We provide comprehensive mobile solutions for a wide range of clients ranging from small startups to enterprise level. We have expertise in providing the power of Mobile Apps for complex businesses.


Our business intelligence solutions give information which you need in the right format. It offers robust and flexible presentation layer for analysis, statistics, forecasting, data and text mining.

About US

Partnering with us, you will find new ways to success success advance progress

Universal Software is a leading name in the global IT Industry for providing a wide array of software development services, customized solutions and software products. We provide scalable, flexible, strategic end to end technology solutions and software development services. Our ability to conceptualize, implement and expand our capabilities with stringent quality allows customers to transform their businesses to the next level.

Universal Software is not just a software development service provider but prides itself as a business architect of its clients. We believe in "Customer First" and "Team Work" in each of the engagement which helps us to build long term relationship. We also take proactive and protective measures to secure intellectual property rights, considering it as a worthwhile investment to ensure our client’s success.

Mr. Sandeep Singhvi (Founder & Director)

Sandeep is the founder and director of Universal Software. He has a profound insight for industry driven market to direct the software teams for creating innovative and valuable software(s). He also brings his formidable vision and architectural skills to each project. He always keeps his finger on the technology pulse and guides the company in new technological areas. His vision on emerging technologies fosters an environment that has led to the development of several innovative software projects.

An entrepreneur with more than 20+ years of experience in the software industry, Sandeep provides strategic and technological direction to Universal Software, and is responsible for the overall expansion. He is the mind behind several initiatives for keeping pace with the technology, new processes and policies, customer delivery and all-round business development.

Our Vision

The global vision of Universal Software is to be recognized and respected as a leader in providing software development services, software products and customized solutions.

Our Mission

The mission of Universal Software is to address the challenges of its customers and increasing their profitability by providing them with the best software development services.


Microsoft Technologies

Universal Software recognizes that Microsoft technologies are continually expanding, making it easier for all sources of communication to work with one another, and providing platforms for large and small companies as well as individuals. Universal Software has been working on Microsoft technologies since its inception.

Over the years, we have gained expertise in Microsoft technologies, but not just confined to ASP.NET, VB.NET, C#, XML, Web Services, AJAX, Silverlight, LINQ, MVC, WCF, WPF and Xamarin. We are also a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner in Application Development. Universal Software is the right choice to develop mobile applications, web applications as well as desktop applications using Microsoft technologies.

BI Solutions

In a world exploding with data, the most effective way to gain a competitive advantage and make effective decisions is to simply use the collected data. You can’t do that without comprehensive reporting solutions which can be possible only through BI solutions.

Universal Software has expertise in developing BI solutions which can help you to create, track and improve your key measures that drive your organization’s success. In addition, high-impact dashboard and scorecards provide daily visualizations of where your organization stands in relation to its goals.

Mobile Technologies

Universal Software has the expertise to produce mobile applications with intuitive and user-friendly features. It helps to transform and integrate your business process with the industry-specific mobile app for your software products, solutions, workforce, and customers.

Universal Software offers mobile applications that are user-friendly and facilitates quick information processing. We offer solutions in a plethora of platforms from Apple iOS, Google Android, Xamarin etc. to enhance customer engagement and maximize revenue generation.

JAVA Technologies

Universal software is proud to have a motivated workforce that has extensive expertise on Java Platforms, tools and libraries. We work on Core Java, J2SE, J2ME, SPRING, JSP and JSF. It enables development of high-end applications for the widest range of computing platforms.

By making applications available across heterogeneous environments, businesses can provide more services and boost up end-user productivity, communication, and collaboration—and dramatically reduce the cost of ownership of both enterprise and consumer applications.



Computer Aided Dispatch System allows public safety operations and communications to be augmented, assisted or partially controlled by an automated system. Our quick, responsive team has developed the system for US based client, which has extensive features to initiate public safety calls (911 Calls), dispatch the calls and manage status for accountable resources in the field. The system covers all aspects of dispatch centers needed for rapid response time and system stability. CAD system provides accurate data and time stamp for every activity. It includes features like capabilities; computer-controlled emergency, vehicle dispatching, vehicle status, incident reporting, and management information.


Jail Management is a comprehensive and full feature inmate management system to improve the effectiveness of facility. It enables the users to monitor and track all records related to inmates’ activities. It is developed to improve the effectiveness of day-to-day operations and to give enough importance to the inmate. The computerized system covers full suite of integrated modules which are compatible with the latest law enforcement. Each module provides diverse functionality with extensive features and capability to reduce overall expenses. The system is deliberately kept user-friendly which allows the officials to enter detailed information even about complex conditions.


Record Management System is the most effective way to organize, track and access the vast amount of information that flows through your departments during the course of an incident or investigation. It enables officers and clerical personnel to prepare, search and save various types of important information for law enforcement agency. RMS has full feature modules such as incidents, arrests, citations, warrants, case management, field contacts, and other operation-oriented records. RMS is an agency-wide system that provides for the storage, retrieval, retention, manipulation, archiving, and viewing of information. It also manages records, documents, or files pertaining to law enforcement operations. The system is also powered to have a better interface, comprehensive database and superior data searching facility which allows users to swiftly retrieve records.


Universal Software has developed a full feature mobile application which can be integrated with CAD and RMS for its US based client. It provides real-time mission critical information to the public safety field personnel and allows them to make quick decisions with increased safety and thus saving lives. This unique cost-effective solution enables public safety professionals to capture the greatest benefits from their mobile potential. The system gives rapid access to critical information to the officers. The agency can use this application with a full suite of public safety software and also as a standalone mobile application. The application provides seamless extensions of Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Record Management System (RMS) which improves effectiveness, productivity and efficiency of field officers.


We have gained expertise in developing the best solutions to boost the patient's safety, manage chronic illness and improve the efficiency of practice. The key functions of an EMR are to manage medical history, a patient's prescribed care and health-related information in digital format rather than traditional paper files.

Being a leader in the healthcare Industry, we have introduced products with innovative features, real-time workflow, and the latest technology. They track every activity related to patient's health and billing while reforming workflow. As a result, it improves practical efficiency and provides easy access to patient's health record via user-friendly and intuitive features/functionalities.

HealthcareWeb-based EMR is tailored to cater your needs/specialty. You do not have to spend on expensive hardware installation or maintenance while having a worldwide login access. Additionally, its deployment options provide flexibility to meet the demands of multiple locations with data sharing needs.

EMR is exclusively designed by professionals with decades of expertise in developing jail management system and healthcare solutions. It accounts for the unique demands of serving patient/inmate populations, including strict, regulatory and legal oversight.

Android App

In this fast growing technological world, we provide multiple choice for our clients to expand their business in much more user-friendly ways to manage medical data of their patients. EMR android application can be accessed in an offline as well as online mode based on users’ and network convenience to run the business more smoothly and efficiently. Data is synced to device and from device to system in a secure way without even losing a single data during the transfer process. Key features of Android App are medication run, standing orders, treatment run, SICK call and PREA call, assessment, special housing, TB/TPD test and others.

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Insurance Checking & Billing
  • Health Summary
  • Assessments
  • Sick Call / PREA Call
  • Encounter / Doctor Call
  • Progress Notes / Vital Signs
  • Task Tracking / Work Flow
  • Pill Cart Auditing
  • Meal & Diet Plan
  • Care / Treatment Plan
  • Disease Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Finger-print, Barcode Support
  • Patient Discharge
Machine to Machine

Machine to Machine Technology, also known as the Internet of Things (IoT) connects millions of devices to a network, enabling the bi-directional exchange of information. It is an emerging industry with a tremendous potential to revolutionize how businesses could operate. By connecting business machines, enterprises can gain access to actionable data at a lightning fast speed and be empowered to streamline business processes, understand customer needs and optimize supply chains and effective asset management.

Our services enable you to add Machine to Machine technology into your existing network infrastructure to solve business challenges. Our experts assist you in tailoring and building custom Machine to Machine applications to suit your current and future requirements.

Our Machine to Machine Professional Services include
  • Machine to machine strategies that provide performance insights to help you simplify operational processes and mitigate risks.
  • Implementation services that help you easily integrate networks, devices and other IT hardware to improve efficiency and collaboration.
  • Enabling platforms’ or components’ engineering & testing service (devices to cloud)
Key Benefits
  • Visualize data graphically to acquire insight of your system
  • Generate Alerts and send a notification based on your business rules.
  • Process huge volumes of data in real time.
  • Responsive web applications that can be used on any device.
  • Third-Party Integration if required.

PTS is a comprehensive project tracking system to improve the efficiency of organizations, institutes and businesses. PTS enables multifunctional teams to collaborate and get things done successfully on time. PTS is a user-friendly solution for scheduling, prioritizing and tracking of tasks. (All this possible with a few mouse clicks.)

PTS helps you to address the issues while managing multiple projects across organizations and different departments. It helps to excel planning, delegation, tracking of tasks with agility. With the help of PTS, you can easily track day to day work, devoted hours and communication thread between your clients as well as team members. It gives control over projects, organizes information and ensures full accountability.

Help Desk

Help desk software is a useful tool for the growth of your business. It helps your customers to simply submit tickets to the appropriate department and gives a surety that there will be a timely response. It is an application suite that enables customer support or support desk agent to receive, process and respond to service requests. It is a powerful ticket management platform which allows you to centralize your customer conversations so that nothing could be ignored.

You can define ticket priority, response time, resolve time such that your support team knows exactly which issues to address on priority and how quickly the customer receives a response. Further, in the case of overdue, the helpdesk will make sure that the concerned stakeholders are duly notified of the same in time. It also helps you to set, manage and meet the customer expectations by setting up service level agreements(SLA) for your support team.


INSITE is a comprehensive web-based solution to manage operations of any organization not just confined to attendance, inventory and recruitment.

Attendance module is specially designed to track employee’s work place’s presence and leave management. It contains the simple user interface for each team member’s IN-TIME and OUT-TIME at office premise from fingerprint device as well as with RFID Card. The module also offers you a complete, easy to use a system for keeping track of employees that request official and other types of leaves from the workplace. This way, with the information it provides, you can easily create new schedules and manage tasks for your staff.

Inventory module is a key for running a healthy business. Features of inventory modules are specially developed for small to mid-size businesses to manage purchase, track and manage inventory, even for multiple offices. It helps you to take smart decisions with actionable date and provides insights that help you optimize purchasing, pricing and lead time.

Recruitment module is the easiest way to track job applications at one place. It helps you to create a customizable set of steps according to your recruitment process and track candidates as they flow through the stages of your hiring funnel. It also facilitates your HR staff to send various emails and SMS’ to acknowledge the candidates


E-Commerce is one of the biggest things that have taken the businesses by storm. It is playing an important role to create an entirely new economy to strengthen businesses as today internet has become an inseparable part of people's lives.

Universal Software delivers a wide range of E-Commerce applications and website development services. Our expertise in E-Commerce portal empowers you to start an online business or taking your existing business online. We build proven, scalable E-Commerce applications which could deliver fruitful results for you and your clients. In addition, our framework allows you to pick and drop modules, which suits best to your business.

Our focus is on providing efficient, feature rich and affordable E-Commerce solutions for various companies. It covers all the aspects of an E-Commerce website including design, payment gateway and search engine optimization.

Payment Gateway Integration

It enables the customers to shop online with full confidence, with the help of a secure payment processing solutions. We help you to integrate the payment gateway of your choice for your existing website as well as for the new one.

High Quality E-Commerce solutions

Our technocrats are capable enough to build and design a bespoke E-Commerce website to meet your exact requirements. We have an expertise in creating high performing, high-quality website with the intuitive interface, which is the key to our success.

Advantages of E-Commerce portals

  • Improves online shopping experience
  • International reach; low set up cost
  • Catalyst for business start-up

Our work portfolio

  • E-Commerce portal/website development
  • E-Commerce application development
  • Payment gateway integration with website or applications



Universal Software has the core competency in developing end-to-end software products. Our product development, ability to innovate and deep technology experience are the key reasons for all our successful engagements. Our focus on emerging technologies and extensive experience in creating a future-proof and scalable products enable us to design production-ready software products.

We do work closely with our clients in developing an application to achieve business objectives. Our highly skilled application developers establish a strategic partnership with clients, combining best-of-breed software development and consolidation tools with an innate understanding of how to build a software product which could deliver a competitive advantage.

Core Focus Areas and Capabilities

Product Conceptualization, Development, Testing, Implementation
  • Performing product research and conceptualization.
  • Identifying and designing key features.
  • Selecting an architecture design & platform.
  • Communicate test progress, test results.
  • Development and Quality testing Strategy.
  • Providing UI prototyping.
Product Maintenance, Support
  • Product customization as per user's requirements
  • Installing the product at an end user's site
  • Training the end user on essential product skills
  • Resolving technical issues (If any)
Product Migration
  • Data migration
  • Programming language migration


The world we live in, is changing at a rapid pace, which is creating a huge demand for better technology solutions. At Universal Software, we predict and address the changing needs of organizations with custom application development services that are flexible, cost-effective and also reliable. Universal Software provides custom application development services to clients according to their specific requirements when their business strategies and requirements are not adequately met by a packaged software.

Tailoring Solutions to Meet Your Needs

We are experts in creating robust, scalable application with an extensible architecture for use in a broad range of industry. Our tech expert team aims to guide you every step of the way, developing and deploying applications that makes sense for your business. Our custom application development team gets started by assessing your business situation, working directly with you to understand your objectives and identifying the opportunities for process as well as system improvements. Armed with this comprehensive knowledge, we help you to map out a cohesive strategy for your short term and long-term goals.

  • End to end solutions to cater specific needs
  • Flexible and extensible architecture with proven technologies
  • Dynamically creation of customized dashboard for your exact requirements. To combine several related reports into one dashboard page.
  • Feasibility assessment, risk mitigation of targeted custom solutions
  • Better delivery with accurate results
  • Better delivery with accurate results


If you are looking out of the box and best industry standards in Mobile Application Development, then you will surely get impressed by our excellence and expertise in Mobile Application Development. We have expertise in Mobile Application Development on the most popular platforms viz - Android, iOS and Windows. We have developed smart mobile solutions for enterprises ranging from a startup to a large enterprise with robust functionalities to optimize the output and workability of the device.

App Strategy

It is essential to sketch out a feasible mobile app strategy before starting the development. We offer an innovative strategy to finalize the app’s concept, potential functionality and overall utility that ensures a profitable business model.

App Designing

Our actual design process starts while defining the strategy, as each client’s goals differ. The design is much more than how the App looks, and very essential for the success of any mobile application. Our designing team provides wow feelings for any application that can attract the mindset of our customers and that too with decreased complexity, so even the naïve user can use it without any learning efforts.

App Development

We believe in a long term business relationship to achieve our business goals. Agile model is the best suited with any application development to achieve highest customer satisfaction. We believe more of in the qualitative development and testing rather than sheer quick delivery.

App Support and Maintenance

We believe it is essential that any app remains competitive and up to date in compliance with any industry requirement. For us, your success is our business, and we take this commitment seriously.

Reliable, Affordable and On-Time Delivery

Our enterprise mobile application developers have delivered a range of complex apps across domains. We have the right experience to contribute to your mobile development success. We understand the criticality of time in enterprise application development. Our enterprise app developers have nailed down our processes right down to the last pixel to always deliver before time.

Our clients, by partnering with us could keep their customers stay retained at almost all the times and also give "WOW feelings" by providing end to end solutions. We can also help take our client's technological roadmap to the very next level. To sum it all up, Universal Software is the right choice for you to have the best solutions for maximum benefits.


Universal Software provides a comprehensive set of BI Solutions to help you to take leverage of your organization's data, quickly adapt to the changing situation and most importantly, improving profitability.

Our solutions provide you with the information which you need and whenever you need, in the right format. They offer an integrated, robust and flexible presentation layer to have predictive analysis, statistics, forecasting, data and text mining.

We are specialized in designing and implementing comprehensive intelligent business solutions. Our BI solutions empower enterprises to extract knowledge and wisdom even from the unprocessed information. It helps you to have rich, reliable and effective information in dashboard, reports and charts to take apt, intelligent & smart decisions.

BI Solutions
Features / Advantages

Drag and Drop Facility to Create Reports

Drag and Drop Facility, to create customized reports, which is one of the best approach to create dynamic report, has been used by us in all our BI solutions to make them user-friendly and easy to use.

Drill Into Details

Start with summaries and drill into details across any data dimension. Sort Results by various criteria and help to identify Top, Bottom and Average Performances.

Customized Dashboard

Dynamically creation of customized dashboard for your exact requirements. To combine several related reports into one dashboard page.

Data Visualization

It is a significant part what a user experiences. It serves to present the user with the data requested in a clear and effective manner and providing graphical representation.

Dynamic Time

It allows a user to compare the figures over a given duration of time (year to date, last six months etc.) against corresponding figures from previous years.

Export to CSV, EXCEL, PDF

You can email and notify each stockholder the information as per the format in which they need the same, thus making it meaningful for them.


Join our team, you will find new ways to success. success advance progress

Universal Software offers an exciting career path for IT professionals. The variety of our projects in a range of categories provide individuals with the proper challenges to grow professionally. We are looking for self-motivated individuals who have a passion for excelling. We certainly wish to meet those candidate(s):

  • Who are looking for a career, not just a job?
  • Who are looking for a world of opportunity with a touch of the cutting edge?
  • Who has a unique view with strong basics and commitment?

For employment opportunity, please send your resume at jobs@universal-software.com or call us on +91-8980919106.

Culture @ Universal Software

We believe that we have developed a culture that enables professionalism and at the very same time, we know how to enjoy lives. Our work culture is full of zest and zeal. At Universal Software, we do work hard, but we play hard as well. Universal Software celebrates cultural events, annual sports day, cricket tournaments and festivals which help the employees to groom and nurture their personality and also help them stay fit & fine.

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