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Engagement Models

Project Based Pricing, Fixed Bid

If your project has a well-defined scope and clear requirements then our fixed cost model is suitable for you.

Development Center

This model is suited for larger projects or products in which requirements are changed from time-to-time.

Time & Material

It is the preferable way while you evolve the product and look for offshore development. In this model, costing depends on the hourly or daily basis of needed resources as well as materials used.


This model is suited when long-term engagement is essential. We appoint domain expert staff to satisfy needs of clients by delivering high-quality solutions.

  • Fixed Cost

    • Clear Requirements
    • Less Involvement
    • Know the Outcome
    • Build Operate Transfer
    • Max. Cost & Time Saving
    • Expected Project Delivery
  • Time & Material

    • Requirements are not Clear
    • Starting Off for the First Time
    • Augmentation of Team
    • Your Involvement in Development
    • Control Over Project Output
    • Blended Rates
  • Development Center

    • Low Cost
    • Highly Efficient
    • Dedicated Resources
    • Long Term Relationship
    • IT Service to Your Client
    • Satisfy Your Exact Needs
  • Partnership

    • Continuous IT Work
    • Not Have Own IT Department
    • Clear Requirement
    • Domain Expertise
    • Shared IP
    • Domain & Technology Expertise
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